Experience: Making this Site

I decided to update this site using GatsbyJs. What I did was basically follow on YouTube a video by Traversy Media.

I learned using certain parts from tutorial and documentations from Gatsby and StackOverFlow. Especially StackOverFlow. The community is awesome.


  1. Make a working Gatsby project locally and add content
  2. Upload to Github which will serve as storage
  3. Deploy online using Netlify

Hard Truths

To code in Gatsby, one needs to know basics of React and web design.

I won't lie, you need basics of JavaScript and React. If you know it, it will take two hours mostl else if you have never written a code, I can't predict a timeline but if you have ever written a for loop in JavaScript then it will take two days to know basics of React.

Is it possible in such less time?

If you feel it is easy -> awesome.

Else if you feel it is hard -> to learn in such less time, I would want to persuade you by saying that it is not necessary to learn everything just the basics and then follow the tutorial.

My Experience

I started last night. The instructions were easy to follow as Gatsby project members have done an excellent work and Traversy Media's video was very well explained.

Only thing I can think of coding was:

  1. Adding required packages. I use Yarn because it's awesome.
  2. Setting up "index.js" page to load all article's titles using GraphQL
  3. Setting up templates to load individual article acquired using GraphQL
  4. Configuring Gatsby to fetch and load.

That's it.

Majority of time was spent in designing the site. It looks extremely minimalist but the thought and experimentation process took eighty percent of time I worked on this project especially setting up the logo that one doesn't notice easily. Thank you Procreate! Thank you iPad!

The deploying part was such a breeze to follow through. I used to use Jekyll which was a hassle to setup for Github Pages (atleast for me). Just opened up Netlify and continued clicking on buttons and providing passwords.


My site is working the same as it has worked locally.