Introduction to Statistical Learning


This book was recommended by so many people. I have covered the book till chapter two, so not much. I can give comments on my intial reaction.

When I started shuffling through the pages, I was scared because of so many diagrams, formulas that looked so alienistic to me and huge blocks of text that put me off which made me delay reading it for so many weeks after I got this book. This reaction is due to not touching a technical book since over an year.

Even though I had complained above, I made my mind to read a chapter atleast. It was not that scary. It was not too technical that would bounce off my head but also not too easy which kept me reading it carefully to understand. (This is the view I currently I have just after reading two chapters, let's see if it holds.)

I could understand everything as I had previously took some courses of Machine Learning by Andrew Ng which I didn't complete. I intend to start the course by Andrew Ng with this book as my reference.

With the comments aforementioned, I intend to commit publishing the short review after completing the chapters from this book to this blog.